FOM: Revised Math. Subj. Classification

Olivier Gerard ogerard at
Thu Jun 4 01:58:35 EDT 1998

Dear FOMers,

Many of you may know that:

The Mathematics Subject Classification is being revised. Math
Reviews and Zentralblatt will be moving to the revised system
beginning in 2000. The proposed revision can be found at

They are taking comments until *** June 15, 1998 ***. Comments
can be e-mailed to <msc2000 at>.

The result will be presented during the ICM 98 in Berlin (August).

I presume that some of you will be keen to look up if every
aspects of modern FOM research is being adressed in this
revised classification.

I think that a debate on the purpose and relevance of a
classification of mathematical subjects would be an appropriate
topic for this list.


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