FOM: Rabble-rousing?

Solomon Feferman sf at Csli.Stanford.EDU
Wed Jan 14 16:31:23 EST 1998

"It seems that Sol is once again trying to stir up a revolution.  Well,
that's OK with me! Rabble-rousers are welcome on the FOM list, especially
when they have impeccable f.o.m. credentials, as Sol most assuredly does."
[Steve Simpson, 13 Jan 13:29].  

I'm stunned and upset!  That's the first time I've ever been accused of
rabble-rousing.  Dictionary definition (Random House, 2nd edn.

"Rabble-rouser,n. a person who stirs up the passions or prejudices of the
public, usually for his or her own interests; a demagogue."

(Not that there are supposed to be any rabble left on the list to rouse in
this way, anyhow. Is that why it's OK to have rabble-rousers?)

Steve, what about your injunction, "Thou shalt not indulge in personal
invective"?  I deserve a public apology before I respond to
the substantive issues (which in any case I will probably not have time to
do before this weekend).  But I am also annoyed at the red herrings of
postmodernism, radical feminism, deconstructionism being dragged in
again.  These are irrelevant to f.o.m. and involve unjustified assumptions
about the wider implications of certain views on that subject.  Enough of
this name-calling.

--Sol Feferman


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