FOM: Reference needed

Anand Pillay pillay at
Thu Nov 6 09:45:52 EST 1997

Dear Neil,
The paper you are talking about is by Cherlin, Harrington and Lachlan. It
is called "omega-categorical, omega-stable structures", It appears in
Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, vol 28. (1986). Chapter 2 of my book
"Geometric Stability Theory" (OUP) also covers the material. Among other
things, the non finite axiomatizability of totally categorical theories is
proved. This is one of the starting points for Geometric stability theory
(something I referred to in an earlier "fom" message). I think I made a
point there that it is exactly this general theory (arising out of
"foundational" or "logical" issues such as finite axiomatizability), which
is now having significant impact on other areas of mathematics.


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