FOM: Reference needed

John Baldwin jbaldwin at
Thu Nov 6 09:13:38 EST 1997

I presume the reference is to Cherlin, Harrington and Lachlan,
$\aleph_0$-categorical, $\aleph_0$-stable structures, Annals 
of Pure and Applied Logic vol. 2 (1985).  This complemented earlier
work by Zil'ber which appeared in the AMS Mathematical Monographs
Series as Uncountably Categorical Theories   1991: Library of
Congress QA9.67.Z5513

On Wed, 5 Nov 1997, Neil Tennant wrote:

> Can anyone on the list help me by providing a reference for a result
> mentioned in someone's earlier posting, by Cherlis, Harrington and one
> other author, on finite axiomatizability and categoricity?
> Neil Tennant

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