Ernest Davis: Recent Research Papers

Ernest Davis is sole author, unless otherwise indicated.

The Relevance of Proofs of the Rationality of Probability Theory to Automated Reasoning and Cognitive Models. Unpublished.

Reasoning from Radically Incomplete Information: The Case of Containers. by Ernest Davis, Gary Marcus, and Angelica Chen. Advances in Cognitive Systems, 2013, 273-288.

The Scope and Limits of Simulation in Automated Reasoning, by Ernest Davis and Gary Marcus. Submitted to Artificial Intelligence Journal.

How Robust are Probabilistic Models of Higher-Level Cognition? by Gary Marcus and Ernest Davis. Psychological Science, Vol. 24, no. 12, 2013, 2351-2360. Paper in Word     Supplement in Word

The Expressive Power of First-Order Topological Languages. Journal of Logic and Computation, Vol. 23, No. 5, 2013, 1107-1141.

A Qualitative Calculus for Three-Dimensional Rotations by Azam Asl and Ernest Davis. Spatial Cognition and Computation, 14:1, 2014, 18-57. Journal version.

The Winograd Schema Challenge, by Hector Levesque, Ernest Davis, and Leora Morgenstern. KR-2012.

Qualitative Spatial Reasoning in Interpreting Text and Narrative. Spatial Cognition and Computation, 13:4, 2013, 264-294. Journal version
John Bateman's response to me.     My response to Bateman.

Elementarily Equivalent Structures for Topological Languages over Regions in Euclidean Space. Journal of Logic and Computation, Vol. 23, No. 3, 2013, 457-471. Journal Article

Preserving Geometric Properties in Reconstructing Regions from Internal and Nearby Points. Computational Geometry: Theory and Application, 45:5-6, 2012, 234-253. Link to journal article (Science Direct).

Ontologies and Representations of Matter, AAAI-10.

How Does a Box Work? A Study in the Qualitative Dynamics of Solid Objects Artificial Intelligence 175. 2011, 299-345.
Official electronic version.     Online Appendix containing Formal Proof

Qualitative Reasoning and Spatio-Temporal Continuity. This chapter appears in Qualitative Spatio-Temporal Representation and Reasoning: Trends and Future Directions edited by S. Hazarika, copyright 2012, IGI Global.

Pouring Liquids: A Study in Commonsense Physical Reasoning Artificial Intelligence , vol. 172, 2008, pp. 1540-1578.     Online Appendix containing Formal Proof
Errata in Artificial Intelligence version (these are incorporated in the local version above).

Physical Reasoning, in The Handbook of Knowledge Representation, Frank van Harmelen, Vladimir Lifschitz, and Bruce Porter (eds.), Elsevier, Oxford, 2007, chap. 14, pp. 597-620.