The StatStream System: Publications and People





"High Performance Discovery in Time Series: Techniques and Case Studies", SPRINGER-VERLAG, 2004, Dennis Shasha and Yunyue Zhu

"StatStream: Statistical Monitoring of Thousands of Data Streams in Real Time", Yunyue Zhu and Dennis Shasha, VLDB 2002, Hong Kong, China

"Fast Window Correlations Over Uncooperative Time Series", Richard Cole, Dennis Shasha and Xiaojian Zhao, SIGKDD 2005, Chicago

"Incremental Methods for Simple Problems in Time Series: algorithms and experiments", Xiaojian Zhao, Xin Zhang, Tyler Neylon and Dennis Shasha, The 9th International Databases Engineering & Applications Symposium, Montreal, Canada, July 2005

"High Performance Algorithms for Multiple Streaming Time Series", Xiaojian Zhao, Ph.D. Thesis, Jan. 10, 2006

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