Spring 2012 Special Topics Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions
Spring 2012 Course List


Special Topics: Computer Vision
Course call#: 6610
Course prerequisites(s): CSCI-UA.0202, CSCI-UA.0310 or MATH-UA.0140
An introduction to the field of computer vision. Basic concepts will be covered such as edge detection, stereo vision, motion, color, texture and recognition.


Special Topics: iPhone Programming
Course call#: 6611
Course prerequisites(s): CSCI-UA.0201 or permission from the Department
In this course, students will learn to create applications for Apple's iPhone 3G using Objective-C and the iPhone SDK. Since its introduction this past summer, the Apple SDK has been revealed to be a powerful platform upon which to build sophisticated applications for the iPhone. Without actually having to own an iPhone, students will be able to build and test their applications on Intel Apple Macs using the freely available compiler and simulator. In addition to the development tools, students will become proficient in the object-oriented language Objective-C, the Apple iPhone Framework, and the principles of Cocoa development. This is a new, dynamic, constantly-evolving topic, and students will be at the forefront of a new technological advancement.


Special Topics: Computer Graphics
Course call#: 6612
Course prerequisites(s): CSCI-UA.0201 and MATH-UA.0140
The course will cover: 2D and 3D shape modeling, 2D and 3D coordinate transformations, splines, user interaction, designing and implementing motion scripts, viewing/perspective rendering, clipping, painter's and Z-buffer algorithms, shading and lighting, textures, fractals, and ray tracing. There will be a lot of programming in this course as well as a midterm and final.

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