All affilations below are "at the time" only, I will not update if the people move to elsewhere.


Some Highlights of Arithmetic Combinatorics, held in 2003 by Terrence Tao, UCLA MATH.

Mini-course Additive Combinatorics and Computer Science, held in 2007, Princeton.

Additive Combinatorics and Computational Complexity, grant report by Luca Trevisan, UC Berkeley CS.

Applied Extremal Combinatorics, by Daniel Spielman, MIT.

Graph Theory

Spectral Graph Theory, held in 2009 by Daniel Spielman, Yale CS.

Expander Graphs and Their Applications, held in 2003 by Nati Linial and Avi Wigderson, IAS.

Game Theory

Game Theory, held in 2005 by Thomas S. Ferguson, UCLA MATH.

Game Theory for Statisticians, held in 2009 by Thomas S. Ferguson, UCLA MATH.


Computational Geometry, held in 2002 by Dave Mount, Maryland CS. A course with the same title is given in 2010 too, with link here. The 2002 webpage contains a complete set of lecture notes in one pdf file, and the 2010 webpages contains a number of pdf files for each separate sub-topic.

Theoretical Computer Science

Analysis of Boolean Functions, held in 2007 by Ryan O'Donnell, CMU CS.

Probability Theory

S. R. Srinivasa Varadhan's Homepage with a lot of teaching resources about probability theory; I would like to point out, particularly, Limit Theorems (FALL 2002) and Stochastic Processes (FALL 2000).