As a cooking-lover, I have my lunch and dinner mostly at home. Therefore, when I dine out, I choose the best restaurants only. Never ask me to grab a pizza, drink 22 oz soda and go. Below are my favourite restaurants around NYU. By "around NYU", I mean they are within 15 minutes walking distance from Courant.

There are some more restaurants which I really love, but they are really far away from Courant. Maybe I can make a page for these restaurants later.

I have the intention to extend this list a bit longer (but of course, not too long). If you have some other recommendations, please let me know. I will go there to try and recommend it in this page if it is really good.

Restaurant NameAddressDescription
Gyu-Kaku (牛角)34 Cooper SquareOne of the best Japanese BBQ I have ever tried (in Hong Kong and New York). Gyu-Kaku offers cheap (relative to their dinner menu) lunch menu. If you want to enjoy great Japanese BBQ without paying much, the lunch is excellent choice. My particular love is barbecued cow tongue.
Cha-An Japanese Tea House230 E 9th StreetWhen my friends come from Hong Kong / West Coast / Boston, this restaurant is always my first choice to have lunch/dinner with my friends. They have really great green tea and appetizer. If you go there during summer, they have summer special dinner set, which I sincerely recommend. This is one of the best dinners I have had in New York.
Otafuku236 E 9th StreetTake-away only. The Okonomiyaki (also named as "Japanese Pancake" by some local people) is a must-try. Cheap ($8 for two big cakes) and delicious. The barley tea is cheap ($1 per cup) and not bad, so you may want to have it companion with Okonomiyaki.
Cafetesia38 E 8th StreetProbably one of the best-known lunch-places for NYU-ers. Laksa (a kind of Malaysian noodle with special sauce) is my favourite. I have tried a Thai soup (but I forget the name), it is not spicy and tastes excellent. The only thing I dislike is, the restaurant is always noisy during peak hours.
Little Poland200 2nd AvenueThe homemade soups are fantastic, especially the lamb soup and tripe soup. Even I am not too hungry, I sometimes cannot stop myself walking there and enjoy the soup. Lunch is of original east-European style, but I don't recommend having lunch set and soup together, because it is really too many food for one person. It is best to have two friends going there, each enjoying a bowl of soup and share the lunch set.
Beyond133 W 3rd StreetA really nice Thai restaurant. One of the best restaurants for mid-price-range ($8-$10) lunch.
Taisho (大將)9 St. Marks PlaceSomeone told me that the better a Japanese restaurant is, the shorter its opening hour is. Taisho opens after 6pm, but not during daytime. My recommendation is the barbecued set (串燒拼盤).
Curry-Ya214 East 10th StreetA small Japanese restaurant specialize in making curry. Not expensive, and its baked curry rice is a must-try.