1. Here are some basic Java references (I do update the first one):
  2. Java Platform API Specification (from Oracle):
    Standard Edition 6 from Oracle.
    Here is Standard Edition 7 (draft).
  3. Java Networking FAQs
  4. Article: "Reduce the launch time of your applets: store them on client machines" , by Mark Roulo from javaworld.
  5. Article: "Java Generic Library (JGL) is a free hi-quality port of C++ Standard Template Library", by Laurence Vanhelsuwe from Javaworld.
  6. Tutorial on Swing GUI based on Horstmann and Corneil's Core Java book.
  7. Java Advanced Imaging (JAI) Home. JAI has special readers for a variety of graphical file formats.
  8. Java2D Tutorial from Sun.
    Common Problems
  9. Java3D Tutorial from Sun.
    Java3D Home.
  10. Some knot fun

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