How to mass produce your own 16-page mini-book

How to mass produce your own 16-page mini-book

Adapted from the book "Lunch Money", by Andrew Clements.

Suppose you want to make your own mini-comic out of standard 8"x11" sheets. Each sheet will be divided into 8 mini-pages. You can cut them and staple them together to form a mini-book with 16 pages (including front and back pages). So what is hard about that?

Not at all, until you decide you like to mass produce your comics to give to your classmates, your grandparents and cousins. Also, you may be thinking of selling them in neighborhood stores. How can you mass produce your mini-book?

You want to make two MASTER SHEETS (for the front and back of the mini-pages) and xerox them onto lots of sheets. Then you want to fold each of these sheets, staple them, and cut them to produce mini-books. To do this efficiently and correctly, you need to know how to arrange the mini-pages on the master sheet.

These instructions show a very convenient way to do this.


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December, 2005