Visualization, Spring'98, Yap


Course: G22.3033.02, Special Topic on Visualization
Time and Place: Thur 5-7, Warren Weaver Hall Room 513
Instructor: Chee Yap, 998-3115,, Warren Weaver Hall Room 416
Office Hours: Tue 3-4, Warren Weaver Hall, Room 416


  1. We will try to be as ``paperless'' as possible: this is probably the only paper handout you will get. All information will be available from the class homepage.
  2. Immediately visit the class homepage,
    Place a book mark to this homepage.
    Visit this place regularly for new information.
  3. Sign up for the class mailing list immediately. The name of the mailing list is
    For instructions on how to join, go to
  4. Log into your SGI account and check out the system:
    -- we want you to immediately copy into your account the make and program files in /usr/share/src/OpenGL/demos/puzzle. Then make the application (puzzle.exe) to see it work. The make file will attempt to make three version (32, 32N, 64), but only the first version is sure to work.
    -- in general, you can remote login by telnet to scivis.