Team Work
For the assignments and eventual final project,
I want you to work in teams of 2 or 3.  A team of 1
is not encouraged, but is acceptable when there is
special situation.

The rules:

(1) The purpose of teams is to create a learning environment
	that will enhance the quality of your results.
(2) This calls for:
	-- willingness to share your expertise/experience with team members
	-- willingness to learn from your peers
	-- a spirit of cooperation
	-- flexible attitude (esp. when it comes to schedules) 
	-- commitment to put in your full and fair share of work
	-- commitment to the highest possible quality work
	-- regular face-to-face meetings
	-- we also encourage the ideas of Xtreme Programming
		(where you program as a team, sitting in front
		of the terminal, with one person at the keyboard
		and the others thinking alongside)
(3) Teams can freely form and break from assignment to
	assignment.  Before you commit to a team, be sure
	that your schedules are compatible -- the best of intentions
	is useless if it is unrealistic.
(4) Each team hands in a single assignment.  The grade for
	each team member will be the same.
(5) The teams you form for homeworks will hopefully lead to
	your ideal team for the final project.
(6) If there are any issues within a team that you cannot resolve,
	I would be happy to help.

--Chee Yap
  (, 998-3115)
  Jan 29, 2003