Honors Theory of Computation


Course: G22.3350, Honors Theory of Computation
Time and Place: Mon,Wed 3:30-4:45, Warren Weaver Hall, Room 513
Instructor: Chee Yap, #998-3115, yap@nyu.edu,
Warren Weaver Hall, Room 416
Office Hours: Yap: Mon 5:00-6:00, Warren Weaver Hall, Room 416
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Course Grade: Homeworks (30%), midterm (20%) and final exam (50%).
Exams: Midterm Exam: in class on March 31.
Final Exam (TBA)
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Posted April 26: Final Exam will be held on Monday May 10, from 3:00-5:00 in Room 102 WWH. Format and style will be as in the midterm (open book, 3 or 4 questions). Coverage is everything in the semester, but with emphasis on the material on choice computation and Kolmogorov complexity.
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