Fundamental Algorithms, G22.1170
Spring 1997


Instructor: Chee Yap
E-mail address:
Phone number: (212) 998-3115.
Office: Room~416, Weaver Hall.
Office hours: Thur 4:30--5:30
Lectures: Wednesdays 7:00--9:00 in Room 101, Warren Weaver Hall.
Problem Sessions: Mondays 7:00--8:00 in Room 101, Warren Weaver Hall.
Teaching Assistant: Xianghui Duan (tel: 998-3295, email:
TA's Room and Office hours: 715 Broadway, Room 1002; Monday 5:30-6:30pm and 8:30-9:30pm
Textbook: Cormen, Leiserson, and Rivest (1990),
Introduction to Algorithms, McGraw-Hill.

NOTE: an errata list for this book can be obtained from
Lecture Notes: I will supplement the text with my own lecture notes which can be downloaded via ftp
Exams and Homework: Regular homeworks, midterm and final exam. These weigh 50%, 15% and 35%, respectively. The final grade is curved
Prerequisites: Familiarity with data structures such as linked lists and binary trees,
and topics in discrete mathematics such as induction and graphs.
Class Homepage: I will disseminate information via the class homepage at the following URL
This includes ftp downloads of files.
Class Email List: You are required to join the class email list immediately.
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