Fundamental Algorithms, G22.1170
Fall 2005


Instructor: Chee Yap
Contact: yap "at", or (212) 998-3115
Office: Room 416, Warren Weaver Hall.
Lectures: Thu 5:00--6:50 in Room 109, Warren Weaver Hall.
Recitation: Wed 6:00--7:00 in Room 109, Warren Weaver Hall.
Teaching Assistants:
Vikram Sharma (sharma "at", Room 420 WWH,, Office: #998-3490.
Sung-Hee Lee (leesh "at", Room 1215 of 719 Broadway, Office: #998-3376)
Office hours:
Chee: Wed 4-5
Sharma: Thu 4-5 and 7-8.
Sung-Hee: Tue 4-5 and 7-8.
Please try to make these hours, and make an appointment for other times.
Lecture Notes/Textbook: I will hand out my own Lecture Notes. It should be sufficient for this course.
Recommended (but not required) Textbook: For supplementary reading, we recommend Introduction to Algorithms, Second Edition, McGraw-Hill 2001 by Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest and Stein. Most of our lecture notes will have a corresponding chapter in this recommended textbook.
In fact, this book is online from Since NYU Library subscribes to this, you can access the book from many NYU computer (in particular, go to your account in, click under ``research''). Note that you are not allowed to download the book.
Exams and Homework: Regular homeworks, midterm and final exam. These weigh 45%, 15% and 40%, respectively. The course grade is based on a curve.
Midterm will be on Thu Oct 20th, in class.
Final Exam will on Thu Dec 22, 5-7pm in class.
Prerequisites: Knowledge of programming in a high-level language. Basic data structures such as linked lists and binary trees. Some discrete mathematics such as induction and graphs.
Class Homepage: Book mark this at once!
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