Fundamental Algorithms, G22.1170
Spring 2003


Instructor: Chee Yap
Contact:, (212) 998-3115
Office: Room 416, Warren Weaver Hall.
Lectures: Mon 5:00--7:00 in Room 109, Warren Weaver Hall.
Problem Sessions: Wed 6:00--7:00 in Room 101, Warren Weaver Hall.
Teaching Assistants:
Igor Chikanian (,, Room 708 in 719 B'way, #998-3518)
Ionita Iuliana (, Room 1006 in 719 B'way, #998-3347)
Office hours: Please make an appointment for other times:
Chee: Tue 11-12am
Igor: Wed 3:20-5:00pm
Iuliana: Wed 7:00-8:30pm (in Room 1006, 719 Bway)
Lecture Notes/Textbook: I will hand out my own Lecture Notes. No REQUIRED text book.
Recommended Textbook: If you want supplementary reading material, we recommend Introduction to Algorithms, Second Edition, McGraw-Hill 2001 by Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest and Stein. Most of our lecture notes will have a corresponding chapter in this recommended textbook.
Exams and Homework: Regular homeworks, midterm and final exam. These weigh 45%, 15% and 40%, respectively. The course grade is based on a curve.
MIDTERM is the week of March 10. Final Exam is confirmed to be on May 12 from 5:00-7:00, in regular room.
Prerequisites: Knowledge of programming in a high-level language. Basic data structures such as linked lists and binary trees. Some discrete mathematics such as induction and graphs.
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