Fundamental Algorithms, Fall 2002

Feel free to send us interesting links that relates to the subject matter of this class! Here are some links from students in the past:
Background in Discrete Math
Students often ask me for recommendations for a book on for mathematical background including discrete math. The following book is highly recommended:

``Discrete Mathematics with Applications'', by Susanna S. Epp, Wadsworth Group/Thomson Learning, Second Edition, 1995.


AVL Tree Applet from "Larry"
``Hello, I came across this interesting java applet on the web and I wanted to pass it along. The applet allows you to manipulate AVL trees. - Larry''
Fibonacci Sequence from "Charles J. Scheffold"
``FYI: If anyone is interested in learning more about the Fibonacci sequence and Golden Ratio, I've found this really fantastic web site:''
About Eskimo words for "snow" from Michael Gershman
``This web page expounds at length on the many Eskimo words for snow:
The bad news is that the students who called this merely an Urban Legend were incorrect. The good news is this information will probably not be on the mid-term ... lol.''
More Eskimo snow links: