Final Exam Page

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  1. What about the Possible MTA Strike?
  2. Sample Final Exam (with answers) from Last Year. We try to keep to the format of the midterm. This sample is a pretty good guide to what to expect this year: -- except for question 2 (about probability) all the other question might have been used for this year's final. Of course, question 1 is about AVL tree, which we did not cover, but I could have substituted B-trees or splay trees. ALSO we might have True/False questions, as in this sample.
  3. Final Exam is on Wed Dec 15, at 10:00-11:50, in Rooms 405 Main and 411 Main. Please show up in Room 405 first.
  4. It covers ALL the material covered in lectures, tutorials and guest lectures. Since the lectures and recitation sometimes introduce material not in the book, make sure that you review your lecture notes. Emphasis is on post-midterm material.
  5. It is a close book exam, but you are allowed to prepare two 8" x 11" sheet of notes (= 4 pages). You can write as big or as small as you like. NOTE: you may re-use one sheet from your midterm.
  6. Reading List. In addition to the reading list from midterm, we include the following:
    Chapter Sections to Read Sections to Focus On
    7. Graphs all but 7.4.2 and 7.5 all
    8. Sorting all but 8.3 and 8.7
    10. Searching all 10.4 (hashing)
    11. Indexing all B-trees
    12. Lists and Arrays Revisited 12.1 Skip Lists
    13. Advanced Trees 13.2 Splay Trees
    14. Analysis 14.1 and 14.2 14.1 and 14.2
    15. Limits to Computation all 15.2 (reduction) and 15.3 (hard problems)
    NOTE: the "focus" sections are the ones you should really understand.
  7. Skills You Should Have:
    1. Hand simulation of basic algorithms in topics below
    2. Asymptotic Notation and Recurrences
    3. Basic proof techniques
    4. Graph algorithms (DFS, BFS, Dijstra)
    5. Sorting Algorithms
    6. Hashing
    7. Splay Trees
    8. Skip Lists
    9. B-trees