Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 17:21:47 -0500 (EST)
From: Chee Yap 
Subject: message on the possible transit strike

Dear Class,

I forward to you the OFFICIAL NYU Policy on
the possible MTA strike on Wednesday.  Please read it.

I will summarize it for
the purposes of our final exam:

(1) NYU will attempt to function as normal during
	the strike:  TRANSLATED, it means we will
	go ahead with the final exam on Wed 15.

(2) But we will make special accomodation for
	commuter students.  TRANSLATED, I will provide
	a make up exam for the commuters who cannot
	make it because of the strike.  


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>From Tue Dec 14 16:17 EST 1999
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 16:19:44 -0500
From: "Randall K. U. Say" 
Subject: message on the possible transit strike

Dear Faculty, Staff and Students,
The following message is being circulated concerning plans in the case of a
possible MTA strike.  Please ready it carefully and let us know if you have
any questions or concerns.
--Rosemary Amico, Tamar Arnon, Randall Say


In the event of a strike by New York City's Metropolitan Transit Authority,
New York University will be open for business and fully functional.  While
the University recognizes the need for flexibility in accommodating
employee schedules, it is important to a successful completion of the term
that all faculty and staff make every effort to be present for work.
Employees who anticipate difficulty getting to work in the event of a
strike are urged to speak with their supervisors or human resource
representatives for guidance on applicable University policies.

Student course examinations will take place as scheduled.  However, faculty
members are being asked to consider where possible the needs of commuter
students.  To accommodate students anticipating difficulty in commuting,
the University will make several overnight spaces available where students
may study and, if necessary, sleep.  The following spaces will be available
beginning tonight, Tuesday, December 14 regardless of whether there is a
strike, and will revert to their normal operating hours in the event a
strike is averted.

o The Student Activities Annex at 21 Washington Place (blankets will be
o The Commuter Lounge at 16 Waverly Place (blankets will be available)
o Mercer Lounge at 7 Washington Place (blankets will be available)
o Food Court, Weinstein Hall
o Hemmerdinger Hall, 100 Washington Square East/Main Building
o Silverstein Lounge, 100 Washington Square East/Main Building

Levels A and B of Bobst Library will be open 24 hours, in accordance with a
normal operating schedule.  The locker rooms of Coles Sports and Recreation
Center, located at 181 Mercer Street, will open at 6:00 a.m. During the
hours of  6:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m., employees who are not Coles members
may use the locker rooms.

In the event of a strike, the operations of Campus Transportation Services
will be expanded based on existing Fall 1999 schedules.  Additional buses,
except on the East Route, will provide service at the following intervals.

o 7AM - 11PM			Every 15 Minutes
o 11PM - 2AM			Every 30 Minutes
o 2AM - 7AM			Every 60 Minutes

Five bus routes, which may be accessed at, service the
University-community.  In the event of an MTA strike, these routes will be
augmented as follows beginning Wednesday, December 15.

North Route
An additional bus stop will be added to the North Route on 1st Avenue
between 40th Street and 41st Street, near Grand Central Terminal.

West Route
There is an existing bus stop on the southwest corner of 9th Avenue at 34th
Street, for passengers using Port Authority Bus Terminal or Penn Station.

South Route
There is an existing bus stop on Fulton Street at the northeast corner of
Pearl Street for passengers using the Brooklyn Bridge.

Route 80
Additional buses will be provided on Route 80, which provides service to 80
Lafayette Street and Broom Street at the northeast corner of Cleveland Street.

East Route
Buses will operate the East Routes at regularly scheduled times.  This
route begins at Carlyle Hall, 25 Union Square West, and makes four
intermediate stops while enroute to the Washington Square campus.

Passengers must show the driver their current NYU I.D. card to access
University buses.  

Students with academic questions should be in contact with their faculty
members who will, in turn, be in touch with School representatives.  It is
the hope of the University that a strike by the MTA will be averted, that
these contingency plans will not be necessary, and that normal University
building and transportation schedules will implemented as of Wednesday,
December 15. In either case, the University will conduct business as usual.

Additional information will be posted to the NYU Web Site,, as
circumstances warrant.  For further information about the impending strike,
please visit the MTA website.

The Office of the Provost

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