The following represent some notes i've gotten after running workshops in NYC. This feedback was given after doing work through Cherub Improv, and many envolved both children and adults.

Thank you for coming to our program yesterday and spending time with our Bigs and Littles. I believe the group truly benefited from the experience. My a-ha moment came during wrap up when a Little said that he learned from the workshop "how to let go of fears." What an incredible insight. I think your team did a fantastic job connecting with volunteers and kids alike. You put together a lively, engaging and energetic agenda that pushed everyone just a little bit out of their comfort zones while allowing them to have fun. Bravo!


Big Brothers Big Sisters Workplace Mentoring Group

Wed evening's workshop for Big Brothers Big Sisters here was fantastic! Having been a student of UCB for a few years, I've never seen a workshop work so well for the completely inexperienced. The kids and my associates alike all loved the event.


Workshop participant

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