Li Wan (万力)

Graduate from NYU in Jan-2015. My supervisor is Prof. Rob Fergus

Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Department of Computer Science
New York University

Email: wanli [AT] cs [DOT] nyu [DOT] edu

My CV is here

I join Google Speech Team after my Graduation.

Research Interest and Publications

My research interests are computer vision and machine learning.

End-to-End Integration of a Convolutinal Network, Deformable Parts Model and Non-Maximum Suppression arXiv, 2014 Thesis
Regularization of Neural Network using DropConnect (oral), ICML, 2013 Project page
A Hybrid Neural Network-Latent Topic Model, AI-STATS, 2012
Privacy-Preserving Gradient-Descent Methods, IEEE TKDE, April 2010
Density-Based Clustering of Data Streams at Multiple Resolutions, ACM TKDD, Volume 3, Issue 3, July 2009
Privacy-Preservation for Gradient Descent Methods, SIGKDD, August, 2007

my notes on voc-release4 color map Depth Qualification Exam Presention


2005 - 2009 B.S. Schoole of Computer Engineering at Nanyang Technological University (research supervisor: Prof Ng Wee Keong)

2009 - 2015 Phd Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University (research supervisor: Prof Rob Fergus)