Upgrading Publius Proxy 1.1 to 1.2

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Publius Proxy 1.1 to 1.2 Upgrade - Unix version

Warning: Publius is an experimental system and should not be installed on critical or sensitive computers.

  1. If you have previously installed Publius Proxy 1.1 and wish to upgrade to 1.2 you just need to replace the proxy.pl file located in the publius_proxy directory.

  2. Download the Publius Proxy 1.1 to 1.2 upgrade from the software download area. The file should be saved under the name "proxy.pl". Only download the file if you agree with the "Terms and Conditions" stated at the top of the download page.

  3. Before upgrading the proxy make sure to stop the proxy that is currently running on your computer. Do this by issuing the Unix "kill" command with the appropriate process id.

  4. In the publius_proxy directory rename the proxy.pl file to proxy.11 (you can delete the proxy.11 file once the new proxy is working). Copy the newly downloaded proxy.pl file into the publius_proxy directory.

  5. The Publius proxy program will retrieve non-Publius URLs as well as Publius URLs. If you do not want the proxy to retrieve non-Publius URLs change line 58 of the proxy.pl file to 'my $proxyNonPubliusUrls="NO";'.
    NOTE: "YES" is the default option - By default non-Publius URLs will be retrieved.

  6. Execute the proxy by typing "./proxy.pl". The proxy program should tell you the port number it is using and the number of hosts it read from the hostTable.txt file. You can keep the Publius proxy running even after you log out by executing the following command - "nohup ./proxy.pl &" at the command shell. You will need to execute the nohup command if you wish to host a Publius proxy that others can use even after you log out.

  7. To configure your browser to use the proxy follow these instructions

  8. To learn how to use Publius visit the Using Publius page.