Point Location Demo: Manhattan

See instructions below. (You might need to download the java 1.2 plugin.)


  1. The current position of query point change as you move your mouse in the window.
  2. Your can change the position precisely by input in the x and y textfileds and click "Enter" button to query.
  3. The current position of query point is shown in the x and y field. The trapezoid including the query point is filled with yellow.
  4. You can zoom in and out of the viewing window by clicking the "Zoom In" and "Zoom Out" buttons.
  5. You can pan by dragging the mouse inside the viewing window.
  6. During the transfer of map data, you can give priority to any map location in the viewing window by clicking on it.
  7. Because of the large dataset, your applet may run out of memory. You can download the java application directly and run it in your own machine, and the speed will be considerably increased if your machine has more memory for the application. Run the downloaded program using (Java 1.2 platform required) java -jar Demo.jar

The Data

The data is the United States Census Bureau's TIGER (Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing) data. The display of this map appears somewhat unfamiliar (if you know the normal Manhattan map) because we do not perform any projection of the latitude/longitude coordinates to a flat plane.


This research is conducted by Yunyue Zhu and Chee Yap.