F. Gutierrez, K. Parrish, T. S. Rappaport, "On-Chip Integrated Antenna Structures in CMOS for 60 GHz WPAN Systems," IEEE Global Communications Conference (Globecom), Honolulu, HI, November 30–December 4, 2009.

Research Interests


My current research focuses on developing new methods for analyzing and implementing wireless broadband and portable internet access. A recently acquired Army Research Lab grant focuses on the design and fabrication of massively broadband technologies whose far reaching applications include replacing magnetic hard drives and paper books with high-speed wireless circuits operating at carrier frequencies of 60GHz and above[1]. Other applications include the concept of an "information shower" where people walk from room to room, and massive amounts of content is downloaded or exchanged with devices on an as-needed basis[2],[3]. This interdisciplinary research vision combines RFIC design and semiconductor research capabilities with MAC and Network layer research, as well as radio propagation channel measurements and modeling, at frequencies of 60 GHz and greater. We believe this work will pave the way for single chip data transceivers that reliably transfer more than 5 GB/s data for more than 5 meters in a vast number of military or commercial applications. A recent interdisciplinary NSF research project involved 4 undergraduate students and 2 graduate students and developed new methods for analyzing mobile IP throughput and large scale wireless network behavior.

My research goal is to make the wireless channel understood as well as a copper wire, and to design and fabricate devices that support massive data transmission rates or enable new applications of wireless, such as for biosensors, medical, or paperless office technologies. My research has also developed site-specific network modeling and management tools that are now routinely used by industry for study, simulation, and deployment of wireless systems.

A Sampling of Recent Publications and Talks:

RF Integrated Circuits and Millimeter-Wave Lab Now Available for Outside Users

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