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Welcome Prospective Students!

Guidelines for prospective graduate students entering my research group

Thank you for your interest in my research, WICAT and NYU Wireless and NYU/NYU-Poly. I work in the communications, circuits, and medical areas of ECE at NYU-Poly, CS at NYU's Courant Institute, and Radiology at NYU's Lagone Medical College. Prospective students should consider applying to the ECE program at NYU-Poly, or if you are interested in systems and networking in computer science, apply to Courant's CS department. If you are interested in working with me, please specify my name and these areas on your application. If you let me know you have applied, I will be on the lookout for your application.

Although these research areas are ones I'm currently working on, I have many more ideas, and I enjoy crafting research projects that match a student's passion and goals while addressing the needs of our sponsors and the future needs of the wireless industry.

If you are interested in working with me, please consider that I am looking for a student who would have most, if not all, of the following attributes:

Generally speaking, I do not offer Research Assistant positions to students I have not worked with previously at NYU. Incoming graduate students will usually receive a Teaching Assistant position until they have demonstrated the ability to succeed in the classroom and in research, at which point they will be appointed as an RA.

Please email my assistant, Leslie Cerve (NYU), at OR Valrie Davis (NYU-POLY), at if you are interested in contacting me or have applied to graduate school. Send your resume in the text of the email - no attachments, please. Resumes should be easy to read and include your GPA, GRE scores, awards, and publications. Also include in your email the reasons why you are interested in working with me, specifically, and what you are most passionate about as an engineer and as a human being.

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