Prentice Hall Book Series

Series Editor, Professor Ted Rappaport, is in search of prospective authors for the Prentice Hall PTR "Communications Engineering and Emerging Technologies" book series.

The Prentice Hall PTR "Communications Engineering and Emerging Technologies" book series will feature books that treat both the fundamentals and the practical issues of emerging areas in communications. From miniaturization of RF circuits, to signal processing, to modern computer communications networking, this new series will cover leading-edge communications topics in a manner that benefits both the academic researcher/student and the practicing engineer. To write a text for both of these audiences simultaneously is not easy. Such books often come out of graduate classes that focus on new technologies that are beginning to emerge as important or mainstream in the field of communications. To write a text of this kind requires superior theoretical and teaching skills and an intimate knowledge of the "real world" issues involved with putting theory into practice. However, the personal gratification and impact of writing such a text are great.

If you have been thinking about creating such a text, or are presently teaching a course in an emerging area of communications, why not consider the "Communications Engineering and Emerging Technologies" series from Prentice Hall? As the series editor, Dr. Rappaport would be pleased to discuss your project and to work with you in getting your text published with the world's largest academic and professional publisher.

If you are interested in learning more about Prentice Hall or this new book series, please feel free to contact Dr. Rappaport

Prentice Hall Communications Engineering and Emerging Technologies Series

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