Theodore (Ted) S. Rappaport is the David Lee/Ernst Weber Chaired Professor of Electrical Engineering at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University (NYU-Poly) and is a Professor of Computer Science at New York University's Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. He is also a Professor of Radiology at the NYU Langone Medical College. For his recent biography click here. For his research interests click here.

To reach Prof. Rappaport, please contact his Administrative Assistant at NYU, Leslie Cerve, by phone at (212) 998-3026 or by email at OR contact his Administrative Assistant at NYU-POLY,Valarie Davis, by phone at (718) 260-3931 or by email at

Prentice Hall Book Series

Professor Ted Rappaport is in search of prospective authors for the Prentice Hall PTR "Communications Engineering and Emerging Technologies" book series. Click here for more information.

Current Research

Recent Research Results on 60 GHz Radio Wave Propagation in and around Buildings, On-Chip antennas in CMOS, RF Channel Sounding, and Network Management

Recent 60 GHz and Millimeter Wave Publications

J. Murdock, E. Ben-Dor, F. Gutierrez, Jr., T.S. Rappaport, "Challenges and Approaches to On-chip Millimeter Wave Antenna Measurements," to appear n the "2011 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium (IMS)", Baltimore, MD, June 5-10. Full Citation

T.S. Rappaport, J.Murdock, F.Gutierrez, Jr., "State of the Art in 60-GHz Integrated Circuits and Systems for Wireless Communications," Proceedings of the IEEE, vol. 99, no.8, pp.1390-1436, Aug. 2011.

R. C. Daniels, J. N. Murdock, T. S. Rappaport, R. W. Heath, "60 GHz Wireless: Up Close and Personal," IEEE Microwave Magazine, Vol. 11, No. 7, December 2010, pp.44-50. view

F. Gutierrez, T. S. Rappaport, J. Murdock, "Millimeter-Wave CMOS Antennas and RFIC Parameter Extraction for Vehicular Applications," IEEE 72nd Vehicular Technology Conference Fall (VTC), Ottawa, Canada, Sept. 6-9, 2010, pp.1-6. view

F. Gutierrez, K. Parrish, T. S. Rappaport, "On-Chip Integrated Antenna Structures in CMOS for 60 GHz WPAN Systems," Proceedings of IEEE Global Communications Conference (Globecom), Honolulu, HI, November 30-December 4, 2009. Full Citation

T. S. Rappaport, F. Gutierrez, T. Al-Attar, "Millimeter-Wave and Terahertz Wireless RFIC and On-Chip Antenna Design: Tools and Layout Techniques," Proceedings of IEEE First Workshop on Millimeter Wave and Terahertz Communications, in conjunction with IEEE Global Communications Conference (Globecom), Honolulu, HI, November 30-December 4, 2009. Full Citation

F. Gutierrez, K. Parrish, T. S. Rappaport, "On-Chip Integrated Antenna Structures in CMOS for 60 GHz WPAN Systems," IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, Vol. 27, Issue 8, October 2009, pp.1367-1378. Full Citation

J. K. Chen, G. de Veciana, T. S. Rappaport, "Site Specific Knowledge and Interference Measurement for Improving Frequency Allocations in Wireless Networks," IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, Vol. 58, Issue 5, June 2009, pp. 2366-2377. Full Citation

L. Ragan, A. Hassibi, T. S. Rappaport, C. L. Christianson, "Novel On-Chip Antenna Structures and Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) Approaches for Millimeter Wave Devices," IEEE 66th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC), Baltimore, MD, Oct. 1-3, 2007, pp. 2051-2055. Full Citation

C. H. Park, T. S. Rappaport, "Short-Range Wireless Communications for Next-Generation Networks: UWB, 60 GHz Millimeter Wave PAN, and Zigbee," IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine, Vol. 14, Issue 4, August 2007, pp. 70-78. Full Citation

C. Na, J. K. Chen, T. S. Rappaport, "Measured Traffic Statistics and Throughput of IEEE 802.11b Public WLAN Hotspots with Three Different Applications," IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communication, Vol. 5, No. 11, November 2006, pp. 3296-3305. Full Citation

H. Wang and T. S. Rappaport, "A Parametric Formulation of the UTD Diffraction Coefficient for Real-Time Propagation Prediction Modeling," IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters (AWPL), Vol. 4, August 2005, pp. 253-257. Full Citation

C. Na, J. K. Chen, T. S. Rappaport, "Hotspot Traffic Statistics and Throughput Models for Several Applications", Proceedings of IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference (Globecom) 2004, Dallas, TX, November 29-December 3, 2004, Vol. 5, pp. 3257-3263. Full Citation

C. R. Anderson and T. S. Rappaport, "In-Building Wideband Partition Loss Measurements at 2.5 and 60 GHz," IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, Vol. 3, No. 3, May 2004, pp. 922-928. Full Citation

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H. Xu, T. S. Rappaport, V. Kukshya, "Spatial and Temporal Characterization of 60 GHz Indoor Channels," Fall 2000 IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, Boston, MA, September 25-28, 2000, pp. 620-630. Full Citation

H. Xu, R. J. Boyle, T. S. Rappaport, J. H. Schaffner, "Measurements and Models for 38 GHz Point-to-Multipoint Radiowave Propagation," IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications: Wireless Communications Series, Vol. 18, No. 3, March 2000, pp. 310-321. Full Citation

60GHz RFIC Design Initiative:

On-Chip Antenna Research Initiative:



Topics of National Interest

Virginia's Broadband Roundtable for Rural Internet Access

2006 NAE Offshoring of Engineering Conference

"Offshoring in the U.S. Telecommunications Industry"

Professor Rappaport in the News

September 2011

UT ECE professor Ted Rappaport has been named the recipient of the 2011 IET Sir Monty Finniston Award for Achievement in Engineering and Technology. He will receive the award,which includes a medal, at a ceremony to be held in London on Nov. 9,  2011. View the announcement from the ECE Department and .

December 2010

IEEE 2010 Globecom Plenary Talk, December 8, 2010: "The Future of Wireless"

IEEE 2010 Globecom Technical and Business Forum, December 9, 2010: “Broadband Wireless PANs, 60 GHz and Beyond

April 2010

Prof. Rappaport awarded the Joe J. King Professional Engineering Achievement Award in recognition of significant contributions in furthering the engineering profession. View the announcement from the ECE department and WNCG.

December 2008

Prof. Rappaport awarded the IEEE Communications Society WTC Recognition Award, in recognition of outstanding achievements and contributions in the area of wireless communications systems and networks. View the announcement from the ECE department.

October 2008

Prof. Rappaport awarded the Austin Wireless Alliance Industry Leader award at the 2008 Texas Wireless Summit.

September 2008

Prof. Rappaport elected to serve on the IEEE Board of Governors for the Vehicular Technology Society for 2009-2011. View the announcements from the ECE department.

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