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Office: 575 Soda
Phone: (510) 642-9583
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Immersed Boundary method on Titanium
Advisor: Kathy Yelick


Code of the distributed array library
Reports on the benchmarks and distributed array library
Performance models for the bench mark programs.


Titanium bench marks
Proposal for the Titanium Distributed Array Library
Tentative documentation of the Distributed Array Library

Spring 02

Masters Report:
Experiences in Using Titanium for Simulation of Immersed Boundary Biological Systems

Fall 01

CS267 - Applications of Parallel Computers
Project: Cochlea simulation on TiGIBS
CS294-1 - Topics in Software Engineering

Spring 01

CS262B - Graduate Systems & Database II
Project: AM over LAPI
CS270 - Graduate Theory
Music 146-4 - Opera Workshop

Fall 00

CS252 - Graduate architecture
CS262A - Graduate Systems & Database
Project: TinyOS Lightweight Optimistic Interrupt Handler
Music 146-3 - Chamber music ensemble, Piano duet.
Project: Rachmaninoff Suite no. 2, Op. 17 for two pianos

Undergrad Classes:

Music 198 - Digital music
Class project for the above class



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