Random bits

Who is involved?

What have we done?

We have developed a way to generate random bits using magnetic disks. Thus, any standard computer can be used to generate random bits. We have also developed a way to generate random bits from a stationary source.

Where can you read more about it?

Our papers:

Our talks:

Supporting data for the CCS5 paper (this probably won't make any sense unless you have read the paper):

What will we do?

We are currently thinking about generating random bits from other sources that are standard on PCs and workstations. Of course, we won't have as much fun as the LavaLamp folks.


Patents have been applied for this work. Please contact Liddy Shriver if you're interested in licensing the random bits generator or our other work and if you are outside of Lucent; I would be happy to put you in touch with the proper Lucent people.