Graduate Computer Graphics, Fall 2006

Final Project Series: Ray Tracing
(Different Color [] Phong Shader [] Reflection (but Non-reflective Floor) [] Shadow
Shapes: Cone, Plane, Sphere [] Boolean Intersection [] Texture: Checker [] Changable View/Focal Length/Reflectiveness)
*For changable object size, see my [Texture applet].

Life is like a Game of Chess

Control your camera: [Up][Down][Left][Right][A][Z][+][-]
Reflective: [R] | Mosaic: [,] | Reset: [Enter] | Refresh: [Space]

You need Java Runtime Environment (instead of Microsoft Virtual Machine)

Source code: Light.java; Material.java; Vec.java; Sphere.java extends Shape.java; and SimpleRayTracer.java, extends PixApplet.java