Applied Cryptography and
Information Security (ACIS 2006)

In conjunction with ICCSA '06
8-11 May 2006, Glasgow, UK
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Applied Cryptography and Information Security are essential elements in this digital era. Commerce activities, business transactions and government services have been, and more and more of them will be, conducted and offered over open computer and communication networks such as Internet. The role of applied cryptography and information security thus becomes more and more important in computer science. Academic research in these two areas often draws the interest from various industries since it carries over the confidence found in the physical world to the electronic world.

ACIS '06 provides a platform for researchers, scholars and practitioners to exchange new ideas for solving various open problems in this area.

  • We evolute to ProvSec in 2007, independent of ICCSA!
    We change our title because we believe that formal proof is important to assure the security when cryptographic schemes are applied in practice.
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  • Submission details is available on November 16 2005.
  • Launch of ACNS '06 web site on November 7 2005.

External Reviewers:
We are grateful for the help from the following list of external reviewers:
  • Paulo Barreto
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  • Guerric Meurice de Dormal
  • David Galindo
  • Swee-Huay Heng
  • Liam Keliher
  • Jongsung Kim
  • Erik Woodward Knudsen
  • Alexander Maximov
  • Lan Duy Nguyen
  • Phong Nguyen
  • Rafail Ostrovsky
  • Daniel Page
  • Olivier Pereira
  • Greg Rose
  • Francois-Xavier Standaert
  • Ron Steinfeld
  • Ashwin Swaminathan
  • Dongvu Tonien
  • Damien Vergnaud
  • Ivan Visconti
  • Karine Villegas
  • Baodian Wei
  • Min Wu
  • Wun-She Yap
  • Sung-Ming Yen
  • Dennis Liu (technical support)
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