CSC310F -- Fall 2006
Information Theory

Students should check these pages at least once a week for important information.


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  • Happy Holidays.

Instructor: Sam Roweis; email csc310 at cs dot toronto dot edu
Tutors: Darius Braziunas and Periklis Papakonstantinou; email csc310 at cs dot toronto dot edu

Please do NOT send Roweis or the tutor email about the class directly to their personal accounts.
They are not able to answer class email except to csc310 at cs dot toronto dot edu.

Lectures: Mondays, Wednesdays 10:10am -- 11:00 am, Bahen 024
Tutorial: Fridays, 10:10am-11:00am, location Bahen 024
Office Hours: Wednesdays 9-10am (before class)

Course info sheets (ps)(pdf)

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