Status Report: (02/20/2001)

We definitely fell short of the ambitious goals we had set out for during our previous week status report. Me and Albert pulled late nights over the weekend to attempt to meet our goal. One good reason we did not meet our goals is that we reworked a lot of our earlier code to be much cleaner and nicer. We are also hashing out a fairly nice service interface that will possibly utilize the scheme interpreter and the java reflection api. And if can't stand all the parenthesises, there is a nice python interpreter available also. :) Hopefully we can demo by the end of the week.

Last Week

This Week

Deliverables for next tuesday

We said this last week, but by next week (possibly end of this week) the system must be demoable.

Time spent





Just some stuff for writing the report later on. If anybody likes to comment on them, I'll be glad to listen. (its a little short for now, I'll provide more detail later).

  1. Using Palm email client in our system, need to find a modem. Incidentally that is where I keep track of time spent on project and other details.
  2. Java passes object by reference, but the handle to the object is passed by value. time wasted: 1 hr. If I have an inner class, how do I refer to the outer class. time wasted: 1hr - my solution: keep reference to outer class in your super class.
  3. Checkpoint still does not work. I'm going to leave it for now and come back to it when I have more time.
  4. Use of standard OO design techniques harder to do with framework. i.e How to make components into a nice class hierarchy? What we have now is kinda of hacky, it basically trys to elminate the tediousness of having to do things over and over again.
  5. JDB sucks. Is there a better way to do debugging? Using print statements works but there has to be a better way. The log system in works well though. Tried to set up a remote logging service this week too.
  6. Two very nice tools: Forte and JPython. JPython is really nice (since I'm familiar with Python), it almost seems that you could script the components we have been writing so far. How does scripting work in There seems to be a scheme interpreter available for us to use.
  7. Do we really need to tack on the GUI onto ala the counter sample application. There appears to be more overhead to doing this in than normal. Ask Robert for examples of simple GUIs (user typing in data and sending it to an environment, using the GUI to query data) being used for this. Alternatively how could we hack components to take in input from the command line.

Albert (the one who doesn't think as much)

  1. Automated event passing is nice. Is there an argument against registering handlers by signature and doing automatic dispatching?
  2. picky detail:spaces after printing an exception message?
  3. REP is fun and nice one you figure out the interface. The interface is fun and nice to learn, once you find the correct documentation (or ask Eric) :P

Daniel Cheah
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