Status Report: (02/06/2001)

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Deliverables for next tuesday

By next week we would like to have a place where user's data can be stored. This would allow us to leverage the pop3 server code that the other team is writing this week.

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Just some stuff for writing the report later on. If anybody likes to comment on them, I'll be glad to listen.

  1. One of the problems I had this week was trying to find sample code to help me understand leasing and storage. I talked to various people and read the internals of the code to finally get a better sense of how it works.
  2. One thing nice about is that once you understand the basics of how to use the various IO stuff i.e InputRequest, OutputRequest, SioResource, the system suddenly becomes a lot easier to understand how things fit into place. Perhaps a addon to the current tutorial describing how these things work.
  3. The event driven mechanism of did not seem to bother me as much. In fact, the use of asynchronous events made the whole event driven paradigem much easier to think about. It also helps that seems to have more uniform way of handling events. This is in contrast to say MS Windows SDK programming, where the main event driven loop tends to be a bit obsfucated. On the other hand, I have not yet dealt with the asynchronous events remotely yet but so far it has been good.
  4. The only other issue that I did not like about components was it is not easy to create them into a class hierarchy. I had this feeling mainly because of the way event handlers subclassed from AbstractHandler and the way the handle1() method is written. It could just be me, but I don't see how we could inherit these classes to help in development. On a whole, I like to use composition (has-a relationships) to constructing objects (which does extremely well in the way that environments interact with components), but there are times that inheritance could be useful.
  5. One more thing, I'm giving the undergrad research seminar at 3:30 in EE1 037 on Feb 7. I'm stressing out about it but all are welcome to see me embarass myself.


I don't have much to say this time around, but here's some things I noticed

  1. I have been having some problems with the environment caching the classes I load. For example, if I load foo.class and then change it, recompile it, I cannot find a way to reload the class without quiting the root shell.
  2. The tutorial is good for getting the general concepts and for looking up some syntax here and there, but for me, at least, I did not come out of it with a good sense of how to write a componenet. More specifically, I had a good idea of how things were supposed to interact, but as to how this was supposed to be done in code exactly, that was a bit fuzzy. It cleared up when I looked at the counter source and tried to muddle through my own application, but I spent a couple of hours smacking my head on the wall wondering where initialization should go (I thought it was the constructor -- which isn't totally true)

Daniel Cheah
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