Robert Grimm

Robert Grimm

Associate Professor
715 Broadway, Room 711
New York, NY 10003
CV (September 2014)

On leave for the academic years 2013/14 and 2014/15.


My research explores how to leverage programming language technologies to make complex systems easier to build, maintain, and extend. Currently, I am focused on streaming systems ESOP ’10, DEBS ’12, and DEBS ’13. Previous efforts include replication systems NSDI ’09, content distribution networks NSDI ’06 and NSDI ’07, pervasive applications TOCS 22(4), and access control policies TOCS 19(1).

The xtc project provides the foundation for much of my programming languages work, including my work on modular syntax PLDI ’06; multilingual programming OOPSLA ’07, debugging OOPSLA ’09, bug finding PLDI ’10, and macros ECOOP ’12; as well as parsing all of C PLDI ’12. Previous projects include the architecture for pervasive computing as well as the SPIN and exokernel extensible operating systems.

See my complete list of publications.

My current Ph.D. student is Paul Gazzillo. My former student Robert Soulé now is an Assistant Professor at the University of Lugano.


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