Here is a list of recent papers from Theory Conferences that I found interesting. Please e-mail me incase you would like to present one of them, or even if there's something else that you find interesting and would like to present.

Measured Descent: A New Embedding Method for Finite Metrics:
R KrauthGamer, James R Lee, M Mendel, A Naor
Inoculation Strategies for Victims of Viruses and the Sum-of-Squares Partition Problem:
James Aspnes, Kevin Chang and Aleksandr Yampolskiy
On Distance Scales, Embeddings, and Efficient Relaxations of the Cut Cone:
James R Lee
How Bad Is Selfish Routing?:
Eva Tardos, Tim Roughgarden
Computing the Shortest Path: A* Search Meets Graph Theory:
Andrew Goldberg, Chris Harrelson
Multidimensional Balanced Allocations:
Andrei Broder, Michael Mitzenmacher
Online Client Server Load Balancing Without Global Information:
Baruch Awerbuch, Mohammad T Hajiaghayi, Robert Kleinberg

Analyzing and Characterizing Small-World Graphs:
Van Nguyen, Chip Martel

Isomorphism and Embedding Problem for Infinite Limits of Scale-Free Graphs:
Robert Kleinberg, Jon Kleinberg

Adaptivity and Approximation for Stochastic Packing Problems:
Brian C. Dean, Michel X Goemans, Jan Vondrak

A Multiple-Choice Secretary Problem With Applications To Online Auctions:
Robert Kleinberg

Fast Convergence Of Selfish Rerouting:
Eyal Even-Dar and Yishay Mansour

An Optimal Bloom Filter Replacement:
Anna Pagh, Rasumus Pagh, S Srinivasa Rao

On the Random 2-stage Minimum Spanning Tree:
Abraham D Flaxman, Alan M Frize, Michael Krivelevich

Online Ascending Auctions for Gradually Expiring Items:
Ron Lavi, Naom Nisan

Near-Optimal Online Auctions:
Avrim Blum, Jason Hartline

On Profit-Maximizing Envy-Free Pricing:
Venkatesan Guruswami, Jason Hartline, Anna Karlin, David Kempe, Claire Kenyon, Frank Mc Sherry

Improved Recommendation Systems:
Baruch Awerbuch, Boaz Patt-Shamir, David Peleg, Mark Tuttle

Selfish Routing With Atomic Players:
Tim Roughgarden