Introduction to Computer Graphics, Spring 2009

Mondays and Wednesdays at 12:30-1:45pm

Office hours: Monday, 4-5pm

Text: Class notes (so make sure you come to class!), will be posted on-line after each lecture.


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Discussion list:

There will be an on-line listinfo group for this class once the semester starts.

Student homework pages:

For those of you who have agreed to show your homework on-line, there is a link to your assignment pages HERE

Setting up a homepage and access to computers:

Most of you have the homepage and computers thing already figured out. If you don't, follow instructions the following webpage:


To post assignments for this class, you should set up a subdirectory of your web site (preferably your NYU web site). Name this subdirectory "graphics". It whould have a main "index.html" file, and that file should link to the various homework assignments, each in its own subfolder. Send me an email, with subject line "GRAPHICS", telling me the URL.


Introductory lecture - Wednesday, January 21

Monday January 26: More fun with Java applets

In last week's class we went over some initial Examples This week we show more features of Java applets, and we start looking at shapes and matrix transformations.

Wednesday January 28: The wonderful world of matrices

In class we started to implement 2D matrix math Follow the link to see the example applet/code from class and to read the assignment, which is due by the start of class next Wednesday (February 4).

Monday, February 2: Guest lecture

Professor Olga Sorkine gives a guest lecture describing her research on interactive mesh manipulation.

Wednesday, February 4: 3D Matrices

We learn about 3D matrices. Here are the notes and homework due next Wednesday for 3D matrices.

Monday, February 9: more Matrices

We go over persective, and start to think about how to describe shapes.

Wednesday, February 11: perspective, polygons, viewports

Here are the notes and assignment for perspective and representing geometry with vertices/faces.

Wednesday, February 18: 3D modeling, making cool shapes with polygon meshes

Here are the notes and assignment for making such shapes as tubes, globes, and cylinders with end-caps.

Monday-Wednesday, February 23-25: Animation

First notes for the assignment due March 11 - animation: hierarchy

Monday, March 2: More animation - parameters over time

We watched some inspiring videos.

Wednesday, March 4: Guest lecture

  • Guest lecture by Ilya Rosenberg
  • Second notes for the assignment due March 11 - animation: parameters over time
  • Monday, March 9: We start to make shading happen

    We begin to cover how to do scan-conversion and rendering of 3D geometry.

    Wednesday, March 11: Setting every pixel

    We dive in and start working with pixels directly.

  • Here are notes on drawing with pixels, as well as the first part of your homework due Wednesday March 25.

  • And here are notes on triangle scan-conversion, and the second part of your homework due Wednesday March 25 .
  • March 16-20: Spring break

    Monday, March 23:

    We start to go over the Phong shading algorithm.

    Wednesday, March 25:

  • We implement the Phong algorithm on a fake sphere.
  • Here are notes and a very simple homework assignment, due Wednesday April 1.
  • Monday, March 30 and Wednesday, April 1:

    Notes and assignment for the complete z-buffer algorithm (due Wednesday, April 15) are here.

    Monday, April 6

    Guest lecture by Murphy Stein

    Wednesday, April 8

    Guest lecture about splines by Denis Zorin

    Monday, April 13

    We start to talk about ray tracing.

    Wednesday, April 15

    We continue talking about ray tracing.
    Notes and your assignment, due next Wednesday, are here .

    Monday, April 20

    High level pseudo-code for the little ray tracer I showed in today's class

    Note on how to compute surface normals for a vertex/face Geometry

    Wednesday, April 22

    Second part of ray tracing, notes and assignment due April 29. There is a lot of stuff here. I suggest you don't wait until the last minute to look at it. .

    Monday, April 27

    We continue to go over ray tracing.

    Wednesday, April 29

    Here are some notes for the assignment which is due on THURSDAY MAY 14.

    Monday May 11:

    Last class. :-(