Nov 4: Introduction to Virtual Reality

Here are the onboarding instructions for using the Quest:

  1. Find your ip address:
        (1) Run terminal command: ifconfig | grep broadcast
        (2) The "inet" number is your computer's ip address
  2. In index.html change 'localhost' to your computer's inet address.

  3. On your Quest, make sure you are on the same Wifi network as your computer.

  4. In your Quest browser, surf to:
    which might look something like:
  5. In your Quest browser, save that address as a bookmark (you'll thank me later).

  6. Click on "Enable VR".

  7. To exit VR mode, press the home button on the controller (the little button at the bottom of the gamepad).


Make a very cool animated scene that runs in VR.
Here is a zipfile of the code I showed in class today:
Cool videos we saw in class: