Nov 11: Adding controllers to Virtual Reality

This week we went over how to add left and right controllers to your VR experience.

I will be adding instructions here as the week goes on, depending on questions people have.

Meanwhile, here is the code base that I showed on Monday. It should work right out of the box.

Hot reloading now works properly again in your browser. To make it work on your Quest, you need to replace 'localhost' with the ip address of your computer when running the server from your computer, in the following line in index.html:

  <div id='server-ip'        value='localhost'></div>


Make your own interactive scene that responds to the controllers.` You can follow my suggestions in worlds/week9/week9.js, or you can try to create your own variety of scene.
Here is a zipfile of the code I showed in class today:
And here is a video created by Mike Gold, explaining how to use your computer's Web Browser to do debugging for the Quest.