Notes from Sept 7 class

One good way to think of what you will learn in this course is by analogy: If you take a course in learning to use Adobe PhotoShop or Illustrator, or one of the 3D modeling packages such as Alias/Maya, SoftImage or 3D Studio Max, that is like learning to drive a car. This course is about learning how to build the car.

But how can we do that in only one semester? It takes hundreds of person years to build all the functionality in any of the above commercial programs. So rather than learn how to build a full-on Ferrari or Honda, we're going to build a fully functional powered go-cart. It will have simple versions of all the major features. The goal here is to give you working knowledge of all the basic concepts that you will need to do research in the field, so that you understand what all the components are and the basics of how they work, by building simple working versions of all those components.

At a really high level, computer graphics requires two things:

It is extremely important to understand the relationship between the two. Information flows: