G22.2270-001: Graduate Computer Graphics, Fall 2004

Office hours:

Wednesday, 2-4pm
719 Broadway, 12th floor


Class notes (so make sure you come to class!).


Matthew Grimes (mkg <AT> cs.nyu.edu)

Students in this class

Topics (approximately):

Introduction/Overview (Sept 7)

Notes on the Sept 7 lecture

Homework 0, due Sept 14

What students wrote for homework 0


Homework 1, due Sept 21

Here is the modified VerySimpleApplet that I showed in class.

In case you're interested, here is a simple example showing a way to play audio files in Java Applets.

3D Matrices

Homework 2, due Sept 28

Matrix stacks and parametric surface meshes

Homework 3, due Oct 5

Ray tracing

Homework 4, due Oct 12

Advanced ray tracing

Homework 5, due Nov 2

Z-buffers, part 1

Homework 6, due Nov 16

Note that I am making this a two week assignment, which is why it is not due until Tuesday, Nov 16. I will be spending the full two hours on Nov 9 going over the material in this assignment in detail, together with useful implementation details.


Spline curves and surfaces

Homework 7, due Nov 23

Texture mapping 1

Homework 8 (final homework)

How to load an image to make a texture

Advanced topics

Mini-example of two link Inverse Kinematics