A Core Library for Robust Numeric and Geometric Computation

Authors:  Vijay Karamcheti, Chen Li, Igor Pechtchanski, Chee Yap

Conference:  1999 ACM Symposium on Computational Geometry (Applied Track), Miami Beach, FL, June 13-16, 1999

Abstract:  Nonrobustness is a well-known problem in many areas of computational science. Until now, robustness techniques and the construction of robust algorithms have been the province of experts in this field of research. We describe a new C/C++ library (Core) for robust numeric and geometric computation based on the principles of Exact Geometric Computation (EGC). Through our library, for the first time, any programmer can write robust and efficient algorithms. The Core Library is based on a novel numerical core that is powerful enough to support EGC for algebraic problems. This is coupled with a simple delivery mechanism which transparently extends conventional C/C++ programs into robust codes. We are currently addressing efficiency issues in our library: (a) at the compiler and language level, (b) at the level of incorporating EGC techniques, as well as the (c) the system integration of both (a) and (b). Pilot experimental results are described. The basic library is available at http://cs.nyu.edu/exact/core/ and the C++-to-C compiler is under development.

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