Immutability Specification and its Applications

Authors:  Igor Pechtchanski, Vivek Sarkar

Conference:  2002 Joint ACM Java Grande - ISCOPE Conference, Seattle, WA, November 3-5, 2002

Abstract:  A location is said to be immutable if its value and the values of selected locations reachable from it are guaranteed to remain unchanged during a specified time interval. We introduce a framework for immutability specification, and discuss its application to code optimization. Compared to a final declaration, an immutability assertion in our framework can express a richer set of immutability properties along three dimensions --- lifetime, reachability and context. We present a framework for processing and verifying immutability annotations in Java, as well as extending optimizations so as to exploit immutability information. Preliminary experimental results show that a significant number (82%) of read accesses could potentially be classified as immutable in our framework. Further, use of immutability information yields substantial reductions (33% to 99%) in the number of dynamic read accesses, and also measurable speedups in the range of 5% to 10% for certain benchmark programs.

Download:  postscript file (315K), PDF file (138K)

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