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Don't panic!
Note: I've finally realized how out of date this page was, and decided to update it. Won't all happen at once, so bear with me.
Another note: The updates are happening, albeit very, very slowly...

First, for some major news: My name has changed! Yes, I've finally bitten the bullet and changed it to the way it ought to have been spelled from the start.
My name is now Igor Peshansky (for those that don't remember, it used to be Igor Pechtchanski). In the Cyrillic alphabet, that's Игорь Пещанский (click on the link to see it in image form).

I've completed my Ph.D. dissertation at NYU and am now working as a Research Software Engineer at the IBM T.J.Watson Research Center. Yada-yada-yada... Enough -- you can read all that on the main page. Let's talk about what I've been doing, instead.

What have I been doing? Good question! What have I not been doing?.. Now, let's see here...
Ok, now for some history:
I graduated (that's me, in the middle) Brooklyn College of CUNY in June, 1995. Got my BS in CS, if you know what I mean. After graduating, I taught a few undergrad courses there, and also worked as a research assistant for the Logic Based Systems Lab for a year, which was fun.

Here's some personal info:
GEEK CODE: GCS d?(-) s+:+ a- C++ ULASH* P++(+++) L++ E-(---) W++(-) N+ o K? w++() O- M(-) V(-) PS+ PE Y+ PGP t(+) 5(+) X(-) f++ R(+) tv--() b++(+++) DI++(+++) D+ G e++++>* h----(-) r+++ y?++++ [Decode it]

I was born in Moscow, Russia, came to Brooklyn, New York about 15 years ago (on 4/16/91), and lived in Sheepshead Bay, a nice area close to the ocean, for a while... I then moved to Bergen County, NJ.

I have a sister Vera, who has a Ph.D. in Math from NYU, and an M.S. from Polytechnic University in Brooklyn, and who was a valedictorian of the class of 1994 of the Abraham Lincoln High School. So there! She is married and is now working as a professor at Fairfield University.
I have three cousins - Elayne, who totally traveled all over the world (like, yeah), studied in Toronto for a while, and is now back in New York working as a media analyst, and is engaged to be married; Julia, who is married and lives in central NJ with her husband and daughter; and Igor, who used to live in Israel, and now lives in Boston with his wife and a new daughter.

What else?.. Oh, yeah, I got married 9 (gasp!) years ago, the day I started my Ph.D. Weird, huh?
My beautiful wife Yelena doesn't have a homepage yet, but I'm planning to post some pictures of her, as well as some wedding pictures, soon [ouch, I just realized that this phrase has been sitting here for more than 7 years! Oh, well, a bit more won't hurt...]
We have a daughter, Jennifer Nicole, born in October 1998, and a son, Benjamin Ryan, born in December 2004.

I have a bunch of friends. I used to have their photos here, but they threatened to kick my ass, so the photos are no more, sorry [as if anyone cared]...

I also enjoy spending time with my Quaker parakeet Frances, who's been in our family since just after the wedding (i.e., more than 9 years). Now we (my daughter, actually) also have a cat, Maxine (who's beautiful -- I should post some pictures when I have the time).

Well, I guess that's about it. If I think of something else to say, you'll be the first to know.


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