Ara (swift) is also a spoke of a timewheel, hence the apparent contradiction in terms. It's like the -unhurried rapid- moves in a dance or the -profit loss- of a company!

Deft, adroit yet quick, Ara yoga is all about dexterity

The practice evolved out of a combination of various routines such as strength, cardio-vascular training and other activities designed essentially to support the modern life-style: long hours at the desk, frequent travels across different time zones, mandatory chores of society, demanding leisure activities such as racquet ball, skiing, mountain biking or dancing. An interesting lifestyle comes at a price! The body must be coaxed to cope with the demands of an active mind.

Ara (swift) yoga is a four-pronged attack on general wellness: (1) strength, (2) balance, (3) flexibility and (4) cardio. Moderation is the key. After all the practice is not the end goal, it enables us to lead the life we want. Self-practice is strongly encouraged, so diligence and self-discipline are natural fallouts. If I have piqued your interest in ara yoga, feel free to contact me.

It is not the same to talk of bulls as to be in the bullring , goes an old Spanish saying. So, bring out the durries, strip down to your Speedos, and let the cymbals chime!

Your ara yogi