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Venue: Studio 2 @ Peekskill
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Our guests of the evening: Carol & Carlos (Philly), Mary with Dr John (Albany); Carol with Rob (Pittsburgh)

Celia with Steve; Mary with John; Laurel with Carlos

Sometimes the tired feet must rest: Mary, Paul, Lynn; Daria and Marjorie

A massive snowstorm cripples the NorthEast, but not our tango dancers

Adam with Lynn; Yvonne & partner; Phil with Madeline; Steve with Laurel; Robert (Bob) with Elvira

A surprise visit from Rob (yes, all the way from Pittsburgh in spite of the blinding storm)

Rob with Tricia, Elvira and I

Bojan with Yvonne, Robert (Bob) with Elvira (background); Steve with Lynn & Rob with Elvira

Laurel with Phil; Madeline with Phil

Lynn with Steve; Yvonne with Adam; Madeline with Bojan

Madeline with Bojan; Laurel with Phil

Linda with Anand; Tricia with Steve

The ladies' man Phil with Laurel and Madeline

Time to catch up with drinks & gossip: Anand, Bob (background), Linda; Tricia, Lynn & Elvira; Caught in a cruzada moment

Couples, women & men happy to see Rob

Phil sweeps Elvira off her feet! Adam with Yvonne; Forgot to put our knees together? Suneel & I

Steve eventually puts me in a state of absolute tranquil

Steve entrances the women: with Josie and Elvira

Sombre and then happy moments: Pete with Pamela

The women challenge Phil?? with Elvira and Tricia

Happy and happier moments: Mary with Paul

Camera-shy Joe with Josie and Martha

A busy evening of dancing and learning

Men in black: Scarlett with Michael; Steve with Marjorie; Takes 2 2 gancho... easy as A-B-C

How does Steve do it? With Tina, Mary, Yvonne & Renee

Ferdinand with Breana; Joe with Margo; Tom with Beth

Beth caught in a statuesque moment; Catching up with politics? Joe & Yvonne, Renee & Scarlett

I try to fill Rob's shoes: with Martha & Renee

The finale: Yvonne & Steve indulge in bhangra to the amusement of Tuhina & Ferdinand

Art & Gilliian, Ismail & I, Bill with Karen; Bojan & Madeline, Hiedi with Phil, Morgan with Betty and Bill with Vicki

Bill & Karen, Bojan & Madeline, Phil & Vicki; Bill & Ramona, Morgan & Linda, Jeff & Vicki

!!Rob's Party!!

We express our love & gratitude ... then the toast

The gifts...

Then the champagne flows....

All alert for Rob's dance: (L to R) Betty, Lynn, Ramona, Bill, Jeff, Vicki, Gillian, Scarlett

I set the ball rolling, followed by Gillian, Karen

Linda, Madeline, Vicki and Scarlett's grand finale!

A great party .... and even Bojan couldn't resist Rob!

Walking in reverse is never easy (L to R):Carmo, Anna, Martin, Jenn, Tuhina under my watchful gaze

Then they pair up: Martin & Anna, Maria with Steve, Cecelia & Joe

Walter and Marilynn show us some beautiful tango moves

Steve with Cecelia; Carmo and Maria; Phil and Yvonne oblige the photographer

Our intense dancers: Phil & Karen, Art & Gillian

Saugata with Peg & Leah with Andrew

Mary with Ismael & Melissa with Michael

Jeanie with Adam

We get everybody dancing (Madeleine and Felino in the foreground) and I relax with Bojan

Dancing is a joy: Adam & Cecelia, Jenn and V

Bojan drags Scarlett to the dancefloor; a happy Donna with Rob

Rob with swing-queen Diane; Francis amazes me into a stupor

The evening's busiest man: Michael with Madaleine, Shira, Cecelia

A jaw-dropping milonga!

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