Purba: Feasts From The East

Author: Laxmi Parida

Anonymous manuscript review:

Purba: Feasts From the East is exactly that--an eclectic collection of culinary delights from Eastern India. The author offers readers a comprehensive collection of recipes and insight into the art of Indian cuisine. From flat bread and lentil delights to sun drying and flavored Bhata, there's something for the novice to expert to be learned. Great work.

The author's writing style is clever and creative. This is an experienced writer with a knack for storytelling and distinctive narrative voice. This is an author that has definitely done her homework. This is an entertaining and informative read that not only centers on food but the culture and history of Indian cuisine as well. The author does a fine job grabbing the reader's attention from the beginning and keeping it throughout. The work is presented in a logical and sequential order that kept my attention throughout. The transition from chapter to chapter worked quite well and kept the book moving right along. What I liked most about the book was the ease in which to find particular recipes and ingredients. The author provides a comprehensive index to help readers find exactly what they are looking for.

I think the book will appeal to a large audience of mature readers, especially those interested in the art of Indian cuisine. There's a little something for everyone to enjoy here. Good work. I really enjoyed the collection and have attempted a few of the recipes as well. I would encourage the author to continue on with any other writing endeavors. I would be happy to read anything else the author has in the works.

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