DIMACS Workshop on Detecting and Processing Regularities in High Throughput Biological Data

June 20 - 22, 2005
DIMACS Center, CoRE Building, Rutgers University

Laxmi Parida, IBM T J Watson Research, parida@us.ibm.com

The Workshop

Speakers from five nations meet for a sumptuous Indian dinner:

L to R: Cindy (UK), Prudence (UK), Osman (Turkey), Alberto (Italy), Laxmi, David (USA), Matteo (Italy), Vlado (USA), Kush (Canada)

The Tuesday Banquet

Waiting anxiously...

L to R: Matteo, Rich, Christine, Steffen, Cindy, Prudence

L to R: David, Vlado, Murali, Bud, Michael, Frank, Leszek

L to R: Ajay, Alberto, Ruhong, Gyan, Laxmi, Jason, Katherine

L to R: Cindy, Prudence, Kush, Osman, Enam, Matteo

L to R: David, Vlado, Murali, Bud, Michael, Frank

The food ...

L to R: Gyan, Ruhong, Kush, Christine, Rich

The focus of the evening:

Banquet speaker, Ajay, mesmerizes the well-fed audience with the Genographic Project

Food for the body

A body's hunger satiated before the mind's...

Steffan holds everybody's attention.... until Bud joins the table

Some tables loved the photographer!

Deep scientific ideas foment over lunch....

Sometimes silence speaks volumes....

The cool summer afternoon draws some participants outisde...

Some playful moments...

And at times some caffeine...

Food for thought
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Posing the right question is half the task done: Rich sets the tone

Mathematics of yeast? Rave, Michael

Designing the right experiments for the right data: Cindy

The intricate world of networks & evolution: Osman, Enam

Functional Genomics or Systems Biology? Andrea, Murali

Whole genome comparisons or conversions? Bud, David

The journey from strings to DNA: Alberto, Sudha, Matteo

Speaking of DNA, RNA isn't far behind: Christine, Jason

Speaking of RNA, protein isn't far behind: Julie, Kush

Speaking of proteins, cannot not speak of Blue Gene, can we? Frank reminds us

Gene expressions to cancer diagnosis? David, Gabriela

Can classification techniques cluster disease-patients? Gyan, David

Biologically Meaningful? Steffen ponders the question that dogs us all.....

Many thanks to the young-scientist volunteer photographers:

Enam, Matteo, Kush

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