It's odd that one scarcely gets anything worth having by post, yet one always wants one's letters

-- Virginia Woolf, To the Lighthouse

How to Send me Email

My email addresses are mo1 "at" and overton "at" (they are equivalent, so there is no reason to use both addresses). I no longer use a home-grown spam filter, since I am now using NYU Gmail which has an effective spam learning system. So, correspondents no longer need to use a special subject header to reach me. However, sometimes Gmail sends an email which it thinks was an automatically generated "update" to my non-primary Updates folder where I might not see it for some time. If you are concerned that your email might not have reached me for whatever reason, you can contact me through my assistant Sylvia Mejia, mejia "at", asking her to forward your email to me. Alternatively, you can phone Sylvia at 1-212-998-3224. Thanks!